Marathon vs. Sprint (Activity level with HPP)

Marathon vs. Sprint (Activity level with HPP)

Many people with HPP know the concept of completing work over time slowly due to pain and fatigue, a common side effect of the disease.  The other end of the spectrum is when we finally get energy and no pain we are able to accomplish more in a few hours then others are able to complete in a day.  You learn ways to do things more efficiently, safely, and with minimal consequence on the body.  The concept of work smarter not harder is a hard won but well worth it lesson if one can do it.

For example, I had a bad spell the night before last and was basically unable to sleep from 930pm till 0400am. I finally managed a few hours and after waking up feeling drugged I got up and tried to have some breakfast and good cup of coffee.  But that would just not be enough so back to bed I went for a few hours and finally managing to get out around 1245 in the afternoon.  But magically upon waking up I had no pain and my energy, though low, was no longer drugged feeling and manageable.  So I got up an started on house work, because I don’t know how long I’ll  be up or how many good hours I’ll have before another crash so I pack all the work I can into the few precious hours I have.  People who do not suffer from a chronic painful illness will never understand what it is like to easily accomplish the work though small, needs to be done on a fairly regular bases.  They take for granted the amount of energy both physical and mental that it takes to complete simple tasks such as laundry and dishes.

I do not live a normal schedule, I sleep when I can, work when I can, run errands when I can, travel when I can.  Though my life is run by my disease I do not let it limit what I can or want to do.  I just don’t always accomplish things in the same fashion or at the same time as others.  I live my day in thirds usually.  Kind of like living three mini days in one, which allows me to sprint with my energy and accomplish what I need.

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