Travel in the Air

Travel in the Air

Traveling with HPP can be a bit of a trick.  The average person makes sure they have the basics, medication, clothes, snacks, tickets if needed.  For me it takes extra planning.  For example when I fly I always show my Softbones Identification cards when getting my seats.  Usually this allows me to get a seat in a better location such as the very front or back of economy or will allow me to be seated in a row by myself if possible as well as having the aisle seat.  These things are important because I know I cannot sit on an uncomfortable plane for more then an hour or two, so it important for me to be able to get up stand, stretch and move around as much as possible without disturbing the others in my row.  Another useful tip I learned recently when traveling is that I can make the plane seat more comfortable by utilizing three of the small on board pillows, two to sit on for extra cushion, and one behind my low back for extra support.  By utilizing these few tricks I was able to make the near 16 hour flight to Bali Indonesia.

Traveling with the life changing drug Strensiq is a whole other ball game.  Depending on the airport it can take an extra 30-45 minutes just to make it through security.  Because there are no studies on whether or not the airport x-ray machines affect the medication it is advised that all patients have their drug hand inspected.  Although there is some discussion over this I do not personally wish to take any chances with a medication costing around $1.7 million a year.  Because I have asked for my medication cooler to be hand inspected I have had varying degrees of difficulty.  Flying through Minneapolis International Airport I was sent through the metal detector twice and then the body scanner, then a brief pat down, then a detailed pat down, and all my belongings from both my bags were removed, ion swabbed and placed in bins for all to see.  So at this point I basically felt like a criminal and did not understand why all my belongings needed to be hand inspected since they all went through the x-ray machine except for the medication cooler.  After discussing this with some fellow HPP’rs I learned this was not an isolated instance and that others in the young adult age range had experienced similar and worse events.  One young woman had all her belongings and all her husbands belongings gone through.  I ask why? I must look like a drug smuggler being that I am a young, not unattractive white female so obviously I am hiding something.  Now on the other hand I have also had the complete opposite experience, and in particular when going through international airports.  I have gone through the same process with the security team only hand inspecting the cooler and waving me on through.  I was shocked in these cases as I was traveling with my husband, and as such had planned ahead for him to take my extra bag and go in a separate line from me so we both didn’t get harassed.

The last little bit of information I have is to make sure you bring good quality plastic bags.  No matter how good a cooler you use to transport your medication anything can go wrong, but you can always get your hands on some ice which will keep the medication at about the right temperature in a pinch.

So the long story short when flying with medication be prepared for delays, don’t be afraid to ask for accommodations it can only help you, and make sure your prepared for airport delays, cancellations, and other obstacles.

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