The Power of Paws

The Power of Paws

Whether you have HPP or not, any person suffering from a chronic illness, or chronic pain should, in my opinion, have at least one dog.  When you feel like crap and like no one understands you can always count on your furry friend to be a comfort.  My dogs know when I am in pain and when I have reached my limit almost better than I do.  If I have been working hard during the day and am starting to feel tired by dogs know better than me that it’s time to quit.  My big Labrador, despite being young, will go into a very calm state and spend much more time snuggled up right next to me quiet and warm.  He leans on me providing that warm comforting pressure that makes me feel like it’s okay that I can not keep going even if the people around me are.  I love my family, and when they tell me it’s okay if I have to stop, a part of me still feels guilty because they keep working while I lay down.  It’s nothing they do and there is nothing that can be done to correct this as it’s all mental.  But no matter the circumstances my dogs relieve me of my guilt and make me feel like its okay, they also assure me that resting is what I should be doing because of how they act.  Studies have also shown how beneficial having an animal around can be for people who suffer from chronic pain and or anxiety along with a whole host of other issues.  They provide a reason to get up in the morning and a reason to move around on my very worst days.  They give me nonjudgmental companionship and love that is unmatched by that of any human.  I’m not saying their love is better, only different.  They love in a different way that fills a different void, and to me that is a huge comfort.  

No one, including myself, tells me better when to stop than my dogs.  A young dog does not lay down and relax for hours at a time out of nature.  I am convinced mine does it because he knows I need him to be doing that.  

If you suffer from a chronic illness please look into obtaining and training a service dog so you can take the comfort and support you need anywhere with you.  A good place to start is taking your pup to local areas and familiarizing them with sounds, smells, people and such.  Then take them for their Canine Good Citizen certificate.

                Edgar my fur baby

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    1. I know it happens to be a personal preference but anything is worth a shot if it can improve your quality of life!

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