Skydiving Cause the Skies the LIMIT!! Skydive Midwest

Skydiving Cause the Skies the LIMIT!! Skydive Midwest

So if you have been to this page you know that my motto is #nolimits, do anything, be anything, go forth and accomplish whatever your heart desires.  Well for some of us that includes the adrenaline of free falling from an airplane at over 120mph nearly 14,000ft off the ground.  I recently had the chance to spend some time at one of the best sky diving locations in the Midwest, Skydive Midwest.  I spent the day observing, asking questions, trying desperately to talk myself into going up in the plane, and generally getting to know the people who deal in pure adrenaline. 

When I first thought of the tandem jumping, where you are strapped to an experienced jumper, I was most concerned with the landing part being, shall we say a bit jarring.  Given they do slow you down before you come crashing back to solid ground, it still seemed like it could be dangerous for someone with “soft bones”.  So I watched, and watched, and watched some more.  I got up close and personal and was pleasantly surprised to see how carefully the instructors put their jumpers down, many not evening landing on their butts but actually just lightly standing once the instructor touched the ground.  Some did come in shall we say sliding, legs out in front, but even then the instructor took the brunt of the landing leaving the companion jumper to essentially sit in their lap.  I watched dozens upon dozens of these jumps and not a single person had pain or injury following their landing. 

Next you may be concerned about what happens when you pull the chute radically slowing your decent.  Well part of what you are going to feel has to deal with the harness you are strapped into.  There are two straps that circle your thighs and essentially cinch up into your crotch (sorry guys no avoiding it).  The only real issue with this comes if you have really bad hip problems because when the chute is deployed you will feel some pressure on your hips, but it is kind of like sitting in a really awkward chair with no middle to the seat.  The rest of the straps go under your arms and around your middle then one over each shoulder to keep you securely attached to the instructor.  Once the chute is pulled there is a very slight jarring but nothing major.

So now you may think what the heck happens if the chute doesn’t open!  Well that is why they have a reserve.  I even had the chance to see someone have to do what is known as a cut-away where the first chute fails, is cut away, and a second chute is deployed.  When I asked staff about this they said that it happens on occasion for unknown reasons, and that it is no big deal.  Plus I watched as highly experienced staff took great care in re-packing each chute that is used to make sure every experience is not only fun but safe.

Never in a million years would I have been tempted to try this ultimate adrenaline rush.  But after spending the day and talking with the people I am now prepared to go for it.  I am committed to my motto #nolimits, so I better follow through.  Wish me luck guys, I’ll update this when I have had a chance to soar through the skies myself.

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